Texas Reflexology Association

Welcome to Texas Reflexology Association

Welcome to Texas Reflexology Association

Welcome to Texas Reflexology AssociationWelcome to Texas Reflexology Association

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Today, there is a revolutionary inclusion of complementary therapies into health care professions. Qualified Reflexologists with the highest Standards of credentials are being sought by the public and from the health care industry.  With this acceptance of Reflexology as a valuable and non-invasive therapy comes the responsibility of the profession to provide qualified practitioners who meet established national standards.

As a result of this demand, leaders in Reflexology created the American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB) in 1991. The goal of national certification is to promote Reflexology through the recognition of competent professional practitioners. Reflexolgists who are involved in the national certification process promote higher certification process promote higher standards of education, ensure public safety, and demonstrate their commitment to the profession through self-improvement. With the identification of nationally certified practitioners there is confidence in the quality of services offered.  

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